to try to find enlightenment, or oriental concubines at least

My debit card arrived on Thursday, and so to christen it I got

– 2kg box of parma violets
– Dolphin 15 phone contract, free with Samsung U800 mobile.
– I had also impatiently got Pope to buy me my first MP3 player off Amazon several days before, which meant;
I had three lovely parcels on my doorstep on Friday morning ready to take to Oxford and enjoy.

Myself: Huzzah! I have my glorious new awesomephone, thank the lor’ it came today since my old phone is out of credit!
Oliver: \O/
Myself: the fucking thing keeps randomly restarting and will not work argh argh why is everything in life shit god I hate everything and everyone the sky will split in two and all there will be is insects
Oliver: Perhaps you should complain to Orange?
Myself: How?
Oliver: Telephone them!
Myself: WITH WHAT D:<


9 thoughts on “to try to find enlightenment, or oriental concubines at least

    1. Because the U800 has very limited internal memory and I’d rather not clog it up with music. If I want a phone, I’ll use a phone, if I want an mp3 player I’ll use an mp3 player, if I want anything more complicated than either of those I’ll use my laptop. The jack-of-all-trades nonsense they try to pull off with phones these days (which would be fine if phone interfaces didn’t by their nature fucking suck) irritates me.

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