we sell what we can, until we cannot

So Dad bailed from driving us to Manchester on Wednesday. Which means that Mum and I have to get the train. Which means I have to cancel my evening shift tomorrow. Which means that I have to get someone to cover for me. Which, eventually, means Jane. Which logically concludes in her fucking mobile being off.

Took in a Scottish tenner (it had a Scottish bloke on it), an Ulster fiver (it had a Belfast on it), a Gibraltar pound (it had a castle on it!), a Manx 20p (it had cars on it), and a Jersey 5p (it had a boat on it). I really am quite impressed at the variety. Makes the place feel positively cosmopolitan.

Entertaining Exchanges of the night:

Random Customer’s Girlfriend: [holding up memory stick] Why do you even have this?
Random Customer Chap: Er…
Myself: You can NEVER have too much portable memory.
Random Customer Chap: *gratefulface*
Myself: Why, I’m carrying 4gb right now and there’s not a USB port in the building!
Random Customer’s Girlfriend: *edges away*
Random Customer Chap: *thumbs up, then likewise*

Myself: No, [your daughter] Daniela is very beautiful, but she’s not my type. She’s too… hardworking. (I was hardly going to say “enthusiastic but half-arsed” to her own father) It’s worrying.
Luigi: Yes, is hardworking. Like your mother? She work hard?
Myself: Well, yes, but I don’t fancy HER either.
Luigi: This is good. This is right.

Damn but I <3 Luigi. I'll likely miss him more than the rest of them put together when I move on.


13 thoughts on “we sell what we can, until we cannot

  1. ruriruri says:

    I always carry 2 gb around on my keychain. Used to be 4 but then that particular flashdrive decided to die on me.

  2. I’m sure you’ll see him in your dreams.

  3. todo_cambia says:

    “Luigi: This is good. This is right.”
    Hahahaha. I think I love Luigi too and I don’t even know him.
    Well I’m glad you are enjoying minimum wage employment – I guess that’s a good sign considering higher paying jobs are going to be a bitch to find for a while.

  4. ex_stanleyt says:

    Your first “Entertaining Exchange” amused me greatly.

  5. I’ve always wanted a memory stick, and your exchange has made me realise I don’t really *need* an excuse to go out and buy one, I can just buy one!

  6. ant_forster says:

    Haha, the conversations you have at work are great xD

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