until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest

So, yesterday I was bored so I cycled sixteen miles then I cycled sixteen more. The Bristol-Bath cycletrack is almost painfully lovely even on a grey day and it’s definitely the second most fun form of exercise I can think of. However, the thing which used to be a lovely greasy spoon/bacon vendor at Bitton is now a thing that calls itself “the Buffet”, has prices about in line with the Ritz, and seems to think a menu that says they stop doing hot food at 4pm sharp means that they can already have everything turned off at 3:55. Silly cunts. Beside that, everything was lovely.

Driving is starting to feel really natural. Still likely to be a long time before I can take the test, but I’m actually enjoying it. After the lesson, I picked up my pay, wandered down to the milsurp store and picked up two pairs of evil black military boots (ex West German paratroopers) and two pairs of evil black leather military gloves (actually, ex-police, slash resistant). The boots I got for a fiver a pair because they were somewhat crappy – the soles were slightly loose on the pair intended for me, meaning that they will probably break after leaping out of an air transport, landing on the ground, kicking the shit out of some Soviets and walking a few hundred miles. Since the secret evil project they are intended for does not have such strenuous requirements, should be fine. The gloves were also a steal at £8 a pair and should also be good for gardening and knife fights.

CL6 and the AGM tomorrow! I am going to be voting for the lovely Pope because he is lovely, and hope the pretty-much-as-lovely Fish will not consider it a betrayal. Also, I may be able to wrangle some multiplayer TOTAL ANNIHILATION! This game is love. Pure, beautiful love.


One thought on “until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest

  1. ant_forster says:

    *is sad that our voted weren’t enough* =

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