Work in progress: shadows with hard edges

Laris fell like a diving hawk, perfectly poised, her impaler drawn, arms spread. The Pariah looked up, brought the rifle around almost casually and punched three smoking holes through her chest. Laris smashed into the walkway with a deafening clang, rolled off and fell another five metres to the floor, her blood splattering around her.
Rith placed her shots with absolute accuracy, one shattering the barrel of the rifle and sending it spinning away, another bursting the Pariah’s tail-head, another smashing her foot and causing her to lurch back against the railing for support-
Iltigor was almost on the traitor, feet pounding on the catwalk, impaler coming up and around for the kill-
A line of blazing air cut across the darkened warehouse, linking the Grey Ops sniper and the far wall by way of a space where the Pariah’s head should have been. Iltigor’s thrust connected with a body that was already dead. He stood, breathing hard, purple mist settling on his armour.
-(Rule one,)- said the sniper, chambering another round, -(move to not die.)-


One thought on “Work in progress: shadows with hard edges

  1. st_squiggy says:

    Mmm I like it, are you going to expand on it? I liked the one that was 40kish, it was interesting :D.

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