Birmingham, Day One

(This being the first of a number of emails I am sending home, which form a diary written first for myself, second for my parents, and third for anyone else who cares to read it.)

Flatmates and block randomers thoroughly nice; much conversation and positive comments re flapjack, which has now almost run out. Also they like my tea, despite ineffectual tea-strainer resulting in icky dregs. Can you get aftermarket internal strainers for teapots or something?
Flat electric hob deeply, utterly useless for stir frying. Attempt at dinner an embarrassing, prolonged failure resulting in prized ingredients being reduced to crunchy, undercooked stew or essentially uncooked, even after allowing it to heat up for ages beforehand. Internet recommends installing gas (unlikely), getting a flat-bottomed wok (a shame) or learning to cook properly; alternative suggestions would be welcome. Two others have woks so we are likely to either arrive at a shared solution or a shared problem to complain about, either of which is likely to bring us closer together although the first would obviously be preferable. Appear not to have packed teaspoons, but everyone else has lots of things and I am sure we will shortly have a general agreement on the sharing of utensils, allowing me to cook properly on the awful hob. Have already fixed one computer problem for Rose next door, beginning to build reputation as Indispensible Tech Support Nerd.

All is well with the world.


2 thoughts on “Birmingham, Day One

  1. Do all the rings work on your shitty electric hob? Because if so, it’s still better than mine. Several successful stir-frys have been stirred and fried on mine, however.

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