bring your little black bag with the medicines in, the crank and the tranq and the peni-cilli-cin

Communal washing up this morning, the gradual spread of gear into other cupboards and a cutlery drawer reshuffle all confirming developing “mi cutler es su cutler” mentality (and the place is clean, too!). As soon as I can be sure this extends to pots and pans, I’m on Easy Street, Edgbaston. Everyone is making much use of my kettle, though, so well within my rights.

Picked up my ID card from the reception at Shackleton; various forms demanded various codes, paperwork and identification, but when I actually got there clutching my folder, all I was asked for was a number and my face. Unfortunately they were taking pictures right there and my hair decided to go twiddly at a critical moment so I am forever doomed to have an ID cart with a freakish little curl poking out of the top of my head. Such is life.

After the failure of stir fry, decided to fall back on good simple meat & potatoes, unfortunately I didn’t have any. So, shopping trip, via a quick “where exactly is Sainsbury’s” look at Google Maps. Decision to bring bike completely vindicated. The roads here are slow and horribly congested (a home away from home) but the pavements are broad and the pedestrians’ reflexes good. It’s uphill most of the way to the Selly Oak shopping sprawl, and not an inconsiderable distance, but there’s a Halfords, a Sainsbury’s, an Aldi and a variety of other large shops, and I then get to sail downhill with my new goodies.

Bought what looked like about £30 worth of shopping (and felt like an average value of about 75p to the kg) and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a mere £13.48. Am noting down all expenses on my PDA, as this makes me think twice about a purchase. Also grabbed a set of Allen keys for £4.99 at Halfords, which turned out to be a mistake as the important bits of my bike are so rusted and crusted that it’s impossible to turn anything; I’d better get some oil or something next time I’m around there.

Ran into a bike-mounted University guard at a crossing where I needed to stop, and the screech of my brakes prompted an anguished look followed by a few minutes of helpful advice. As he suggested, I scrubbed down the rims and brakeblocks of my front wheel with soapy water to clear off the grease and grime and allow the blocks more purchase. If I notice a significant difference, the back wheel is next.

Off to cook dinner and flapjack! …in someone else’s utensils.


8 thoughts on “bring your little black bag with the medicines in, the crank and the tranq and the peni-cilli-cin

  1. sounds like fun! i’m kind of sad i didn’t go to uni this year but situations change i guess. i hope you keep posting uni letters, i really like hearing about other people’s uni experiences :)

  2. Gaaah sounds cool. Yay shiny kettle. I can’t wait to get back to uni, even though I sort of brought uni home with me (in the form of Candice).

    Also lol cooking. I want flapjack now.

  3. Sounds like you’re having a heck of an experience thus far :P. I never stayed up at the college, so I had guaranteed cooking back home XD. Never would hurt to get something out everynow and then eh? :P

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