but I got this old rifle that my grandaddy owned

On Monday, nothing happened; on Tuesday, we had a power cut which has only just been resolved. I’m seeing a lot of our Maintenance Man, and when he does come problems get resolved in short order. I just wish he’d arrive a little faster.

I was under the impression that the Fresher’s Fair thing held at the Students’ Guild (far too posh to be a Union – and looks it, compared to the basic misery of Bristol’s union) involved student societies, or, well, anything of genuine interest to me. I was horribly disappointed. All it was was “services”, social networks, insurance and suchlike hawking themselves in a vain effort to get my money and/or contact details, and as one of the first into the marquee, heavily outnumbered by brand prostitutes, I was treated to a never-ending stream of them. The only one I actually went for deliberately was the police, for computer-hiding and bike-parking advice, although Asda gave me a nice pack of various instant foods and details of bargains, and would be almost guaranteed to have my custom were they not miles and miles away.

There are no wireless connections anywhere in Tennis Courts, instead we get one (deliciously fast for free, disturbingly fast for money) wire per room; am considering buying a wireless router to stick into my wire and charging folks in my block for the key to cover the costs of the hardware and the better connection I’d have to buy along with it, with the margin going to the Shiny Things Fund. Unsure if this is commercially viable, and/or if the uni frowns on this sort of exploitative entrepreneurism on its own land. Must investigate further.

Applied online for various term-time jobbish things (teaching assistant, proofreading, home tutor). The prospect of actually working for the Guild was an intriguing one, but they required both expertise and willingness for the positions of cleaner, bouncer, technician or marketing puke, the last of which’s job description included “promote accredited properties to students” and “bring awareness of the Guild brand to new tenants”. As far as I’m concerned this is only one step up from leveraging my information-based competencies synergistically in an agile working environment, and is out.

I went to Cadbury World. It was… impressively chocolatey. I made friends with an Indonesian chemical engineer called Charles.

There was a fire or other fire-brigade-requiring incident at Shackleton on Saturday. Monday, at Mason. These form a pattern sweeping along the long line of the Vale Village, and my hall is next in the line. So if this is the very last letter I post, fortify Pritchatts Park.

I had a nightmare about being hunted by Hans Landa of Inglourious Basterds. Even creepier, the action mainly took place in a dream-construct that looked like my secondary school, populated by my primary school teachers. Based on their constant encouragement, I eventually decided to stand up to him (?!), and woke with the MP40s chattering in my ears.

Monday was overcast. Every other day I’ve been here has felt like high summer. I could get used to this.


3 thoughts on “but I got this old rifle that my grandaddy owned

  1. Ooh I forgot you’re at Birmingham! I went there to visit a friend a week or so ago, was pretty impressed with your campus =]

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