these postit notes were cheap because apparently they’re made of ink-repelling wax paper


All clothing appears to be none the worse for wear after washing. No worries. Thumbs -> eyes -> death plan still greenlit however.

My first three lectures were today, pretty much back to back. I arrived in good time for the 12:00 Operational Art lecture I was almost certain was actually for second years (and I was right!). The lecture I was pretty sure I was supposed to go to was at 1:00, and so I went to the library and asked tech support why I couldn’t get UOB wireless on my laptop. Their response, basically, was “I dunno lol”. It should work. Maybe it’s the TinyXP pretending to be XP Service Pack 2 when their security may require SP3; maybe it’s the outdated drivers? I can’t get the ethernet to work either and nothing on the Acer website looks to me like a driver for it… argh

I’ll go there again another time, I suppose… At 12:50, I went to the Arts block for my very first War, Armed Forces & Society lecture in R204. The Arts block goes from R203 straight to R205 with nary a 4 in sight. Several minutes of hunting and flat panic later, I double-checked to find that regardless of whether the Arts building housed an R204, the R204 I was supposed to be going to is in the Law block, two minutes’ sprint away.

I was far from alone in this.

Dr Snape gave out wodges of helpful material and explanations, which included a breakdown of all the term’s lectures and seminars and their rather intimidating reading lists (Lecture 6, “Strategy”, the vaguest titled, has a booklist two A4 sheets across.) He assured us that this was a guideline, a starting point, rather than a requirement (thank Clausewitz) and that one of the many, many things we’d be learning was how to work out what we did and didn’t need to read. He made quite a few small jokes in the fifty minutes, of varying funniness and decipherability, but the one which rang truest and got the most genuine laughter was at the tome-laden shelves of all around us was that “every time you use this room, you will be at least glad you are not doing Law.”

Then we tried to make our way to the promisingly named Room 101, which was something of a case of the blind leading the blind through a crowded labyrinth and included our entire group doing a disciplined Gefechtwendung nach Steuerbord that Scheer would have been proud of (we’re hopeless navigators, but we know our manoeuvres!) on a zig-zag staircase. Room 101 was a large and elegant lecture theatre rather than the original horror, housing some 280 history/history-related undergrads with room to spare. We had two lectures there back to back, Practising History and Reformation, Revolution and Rebellion: The Making of the Modern World (henceforth RRR), which were pretty much more of the same: here is what you’re going to do, isn’t there rather a lot of it. And a quiz about plagiarism, which I did pretty much on the spot. Also, get these books.

Books. I got a letter today from the Post Office saying that I had a package, but the postage was 40p short and that they were going to hold it until I coughed up. Ho hum. Also I dropped fifty quid today on essential history ones. All but two of the books I ordered ahead of time had arrived before I moved in. Of course, the remaining two were the two most expensive ones…

While considering ways to synch files between my desktop and laptop, I realised that my PDA can actually do it very very easily. This will however neatly synch all my eggs with one basket – there will of course be dual backups, but if I rely on this system there will be serious chaos if it is interrupted by any damage to the two vital and relatively fragile pieces of hardware, the PDA and the dock. This requires additional thought.

Then as I was organising all my handouts into another folder and working out my schedule for the coming week, Siz knocked on the door and reminded me the anime society was running tonight. So I put on my second-best coat and went with her, met Greg at the Guild and used God’s microwave to heat his dinner, and proceeded to the council chambers. I met last night’s supposed suitor, Zac(h? k?) who informed me that we had indeed both been victims of his friend’s prank and that he was also a red-blooded, beer-swilling, lion-reeking, skirt-chasing paragon of heterosexual masculinity, and then we talked about anime and bandwidth. We saw Porco Rosso [for the unaware, an early Ghibli about a brooding inter-war Italian freelance pilot called Marco who battles air pirates in the Adriatic, and who happens to be a pig] which was much better than I remembered, and I paid £3 to join and filled in the form (paperwork! stifling paperwork! COGS didn’t have any of that!) but then excused myself early to go back home and read and quiz and prepare and write this.

Today’s expenditures:
£1.40 mail
£1.36 apples
£50.77 three books for RRR
£3 Anime Soc membership

Many trees died for this day alone.


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