owls turn their heads around because they can’t avert their eyes

Got to my War, Armed Forces & Society seminar class. Many things were discussed; our tutor Rob asked us what aspects of war interested us, and one guy said Blitzkrieg, upon which Rob let out a deeply evil cackle about . Then, work got assigned. I need to do a presentation on D-Day. Next Tuesday. This will be fun! And next term, one on Maoist Strategy in Theory and Practice.

Eli sent me SLIPPERS. This made me so happy you have no idea. And an Eleanor-Candice Joint Operations card featuring a tactical Totoro and neighbourly water pistols. Also the Makers of Modern Strategy book has arrived. Its price now makes some sense as it’s an absolute doorstopper.

Our first proper lecture with Dr Snape, he had us sound off what MOMD we had chosen. International Studies, African History, French, all solid war-studies-related texts but one. A slightly embarrassed voice was heard to say “…Introduction to Film Studies”, upon which the entire class made the “I am disappoint” face.

Mine was Analysing Everyday Texts, the first lecture of which was at 10 o’clock today. It was fun. Our tutor is very cool and has an accent a lot like Mum’s Sri Lankan friends. We looked at leaflets and logos and what associations they called up, mainly logos involving birds. I got most of them the same as the girl next to me, the biggest difference being her putting “sparrow – little chirpy bird – looks a bit fat – inquisitive? – breadcrumbs?” and me “caricature of dead finch – looks horribly bloated – conservation?” (we were both wrong, but mine was also awful). Also I was annoyed at the accompanying text saying owls have terrible night vision (which is an outright and foolish lie.)

Then at 2:30 I had my appointment with the Learning Support types. The Educational Psychologist’s Report I got when I was 14 is well out of date; the thing which we thought was an update is just regarding my A-level exams and didn’t involve an update to the actual assessment; the cost of a new report will be… £275. Ho hum. However she did give me a thorough breakdown of all the support I can expect to get, and it definitely sounds worth it. Cheque to the EP, then. Then I registered with a GP at the university’s pet surgery and… I need to send off a bunch of letters.

Still haven’t got replies to any of my job applications. Siz however recommended an agency called Pertemps, who I shall call tomorrow.


£11.68 week’s shopping
£1.79 shaver adapter
£275 Educational Psychologist’s Report cheque


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