Name: Panzerwurst. Nickname: War Studies. Course: Birmingham. Location: TF2.

First letter in a while. Not so much has been happening.

Our RRR tutor, Stuart, was young and fun. We did a pub quiz style thing in which my Team MAGGOTS was pipped by half a mark by the victorious Team Still Thinking. And I have to read some De Vries for Thursday. And I still need to learn to operate the printers here.

On the helpful tech support front, I was moderately helpful to Rose in trying to unscrew her bloatware-crammed, aged laptop, though it is rather a holding back the sea thing as she is self-admittedly software-illiterate doesn’t have the install discs to wipe and start again (it’s the only way to be sure). She will probably try to get a new one. Then Sophie from upstairs showed me a laptop with a buggered optical drive and I looked at it for a few seconds and went “I have no idea”. This saddened me, because I like Sophie and like being helpful. However, Becky also from upstairs has some files she doesn’t know how to transcode, which I think I can definitely help with, and may help build my tiny, wizened reputation.

Birmingham’s CVGSoc came as a pretty big disappointment. Their second session of the year, the week after fresh, a time when every time I go on IRC I see COGS talking about stalls and how to woo freshers or engaging in the actual online act of wooing freshers. I go there, and all I find is a basement half-full of neckbeards setting up consoles and ignoring me. Let me be clear: a basement full of neckbeards is exactly what I was looking for. If, just like the first time I met COGS in a pub, a head neckbeard (hi, Fish-Face) had approached me and said “Hello, are you a fresher, sign here to join, talk to people to join games, give some money to that one over there, talk to me if you need anything”, everything would have been beautiful and nothing would have hurt. As it was, a call of “does anyone here play TF2” met with stony/confused silence, and the two people I was able to actually join a conversation with wandered off to Joe’s to get some shots after a while. I cycled back through the darkness alone and played some Left 4 Dead with Bristolians. I’ll give them another chance next week, but as first impressions go that one sucked.

I bought a paper diary. Made of actual dead trees. I think I will use it, too, since using wireless with my current laptop is probably out (perhaps a good thing, too.)

Hovercraft sent me wonderful, wonderful books about inventions and weapons and SUN TZU SAID THAT and a Jarate-themed, MAGGOTS-embroidered card. I still have shelf space, but am fast running out of thumbtacks (the ones you push in, not the ones you hammer in).

Have applied for quite a few more jobs and temp agencies. Still no reply from anyone. Depressing.

This weekend I worked on my D-Day presentation and read things about historical misery and learned about weird and terrible inventions. I am reading quite a lot, but there is a nagging feeling that I am not reading enough. It could be because I am enjoying myself, which historically (hah!) for me has meant that I am not learning properly.

Spent a fun Friday evening with Siz and later Greg, watching Children of Men and Firefly, drinking tea, eating biscuits and making jokes about cacti and Rasputin. Having friends living in the same block as you is brilliant. Also, it transpired that she found herself short a teapot.

I reached under my bed.

£4.94 diary
£2.20 laundry
Week’s expenditures:
£26.37 food/living/fun
£50.77 course books
£275 lysdexia

£352.14 total.
Scurrying Rat Count: 24.


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