caught up in the conflict between his brain and his tail

First Monday lecture, at noon, I was prepared for. I had read my books. It saddened me that my lecturer did not appear to have put in the same care, arriving without any slides, and faffed around for a further five minutes trying to decide if she should go back and get them (even more disappointingly: no.) So I’ve had to download her powerpoint and basically relive my lecture. Oh, life is suffering and tragedy.

Second lecture, I went to two wrong rooms. Then, eventually, I worked out where my seminar was. It was at ten in the morning. On Friday.

Practising History leaps about the timetable without rhyme or reason. I’m not going to say that the timetable for that module is a confused and contradictory byzantine tangle (despite Rob’s rants about administration.) It’s not. I’m sure that there is a method to it. It just feels a lot like one from the perspective of someone using it. However, this gave me an hour. So I cycled home and made lunch.

Then we had Dr. Snape, who was dead-on professional and caused much debate about the exact nature of a war and whether Clausewitz was right (yes), and then I got to go home and hammer at mine and Rob’s shared D-Day presentation until it was good enough, and then cycled down to catch the last couple hours of Anime Society, which was fun even though Brummies do seem to watch some truly awful anime, and try to play HD files in VLC on a beat-up old laptop. (MPC Home Cinema is clearly called for.)

Met with Rob this morning and finished off the D-Day thing, which can be found here if you’re interested. I hadn’t done a presentation since about year ten so it was heavy on the wall of text and light on the actual verbal presentin’. But it went down well and sparked arguments which swerved drunkenly across space and time (variously using Haig, Stalin, Suez and the Balkans as examples to back up ideas about Normandy in ’44) and I’m really certain I’m doing the right subject.

Even if, as Tutor-Rob had warned us, the first ten minutes were basically variations of this:
ROB: “And now what’s the bloody problem?! Should be a technician here to set it up, nothing fucking works…”
STUDENT: “Is it turned on at the wall?”
ROB: “Well, it should be- ah! Excellent. Well done that man.”

Then I lent Student-Rob my copy of Generation Kill and got Tutor-Rob interested in a copy of the files of it, which was neat, and then went home and had lunch and fell asleep and had trippy, trippy dreams about living in a pyramid in Australia.

Fridge is almost empty. I’ll need a big shopping trip tomorrow.

I’ve been eating okay, I think. Most main meals have a meaty component (fish fingers, mince, sausages – Sainsburys do 8 fat sausages for 97p and they’re not bad), a carbohydrate component (sometimes toast and pasta but mostly spuds – I bought a 5 kilo bag of spuds in the first week and it’s just now about to run out after constant use) and a veg component (fresh tomato, cooked courgette, beans, in addition to the constant apple-eating.) And my food expenses are seemingly going down from week to week.

Stuff I’m waiting for in the mail:
New Corb Lund album (ordered direct to here, but from Canada and shipped cheaply – it’s been about two weeks, will be another before I start to get genuinely worried)
Second most expensive textbook from the first round (from some Abe Books seller who is way tardy and will shortly get annoyed messages)
Wallet for phone (from whoever Olly bought it off, via home… hopefully)
Shaver adapter (from some ebayer)
Second-round wodge of books (from more Abers, but it’s okay, I’ve not been waiting long.)


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