yodelling albertans never sounded so good

Suddenly, there’s a cold snap, and cycling to lectures in a short-sleeved T-shirt has something of the Scott about it. Analysing Everyday Texts was as fun and brilliant as last week, I just hope that it will teach me something genuinely relevant. I decided my laptop probably wouldn’t be necessary, which was right and enabled me to then cycle up to Selly Oak for the week’s shop with just a folder in my bag.

They didn’t have ANY appetising-looking, reasonably priced veg apart from Basics Tomatoes, which I found out last week are awful. The loose tomatoes were all squishy and the courgette would go off tomorrow. Better find another place to buy veg.

So! An itemised shopping list for today:

NECESSITIES (things which are required to sustain body/soul interaction)
Potatoes (5kg) £2.50
Semi-skimmed milk (4 pints) £1.53
Sainsbury’s own big pork sausages (8) 97p
Cheerios £1.98
Big bag Royal Gala apples £1.00 (offer)

LUXURIES (things which are fun and delicious)
Basics Choc Ices (20) £1.20
Pork pies (4) 98p
BACON £1.52

EXPERIMENTS (things which may be eaten by me in the future)
Basics Cream of Chicken Soup 21p
Garlic & Onion Bolognaise Sauce £1.70
Caesar Dressing 80p (offer)

Spam (200g) £1.36

All this was rather more than could fit in my bag and very nearly more than I could carry. Heavy, man. So far both bag and bike have stood up to the unreasonable demands of my shopping trips, but I may need to invest in some panniers some time soon.
However! This trip (+ some healthy green things next time I see them) in conjunction with the pasta and such I have at home are pretty much guaranteed to fill my nom needs for the next fortnight or so, I think I’m doing rather well on food economising and suchlike.

A book came today. Not the book I’d been really really expecting, but still. A book. It can go on the rest of the large and growing pile.

And a packet from Canada. My dearly beloved Corb’s latest CD. With pictures of cowboy hats and stylised card designs and a handsome Canadian man in worn out denims sitting in a bar. It’s MUSICAL and SHINY and SIGNED and, well. The music honestly isn’t his very best. But I’m glad to have it.

I’m going to cook some bacon. Then I think I’m going to read books and listen to Canadian cowboys all day.


One thought on “yodelling albertans never sounded so good

  1. Ohgod, I almost forgot about your perverse affinity for Canadian country music.

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