a game in town like this

There’s a little less novelty to write about, a little more routine. I finally made flapjack with scales borrowed from Siz and it was tremendous, except that I fail at measuring syrup out properly so it was a little too crumbly, and the cheap unrefined sugar I got in a fit of student doesn’t actually dissolve without being pulverised. I shall work on this. Correct ways of measuring out syrup from a huge tin which don’t end up in all being touched by the Ever-Stick welcomed. My flatmates, I am sure, will not complain if I continue to modify my flapjacking by trial and error. I brought the rest to anime-soc yesterday and it was extremely well received, though received in rather small pieces. Skipped off home early because although the first two shows they watched were mediocre to good (Paranoia Agent’s trippy and the villain is Scout, Akikan is just cliche and retarded), the last two (“The Irresponsible Captain Tylor” and something with a confused Japanese name) were utterly dreadful and I’d rather read about Machiavelli and Lee-Enfields.

See, I don’t actually watch anime unless it comes very highly recommended by friends or some other source; this has largely insulated me from the tremendous amount of crap that uses the medium. I think animusoc might actually be turning me [further] against anime, though it’s full of lovely people and most enjoyable to go to.

Today I’m going on an EXPEDITION. Upon being informed on MSN of Tom’s plans to found a floating coffee shop in the Netherlands, I discovered that one actually exists. On a narrowboat. In Birmingham. So I’m going there after Rob’s seminar and if I like what I find it may perhaps be my first lunch eaten out in this city. That and I’m reconnoitring Brum’s coach station so that I don’t have any lovely surprises when I go there lugging a massive computer on Friday.

Also, I think I will need to go shopping again this week. The apples ran out far too quickly, and Sainsbury’s cheapest choc ices might be something short of a healthy substitute.

Lectures are good because I’m finding the material genuinely interesting. Pacifist history isn’t just boring drivel about queens’ dresses, it’s got economic and population and education and social change and eeeee it’s actually FUN. In the reading for tomorrow’s lecture I found a letter (seemingly as direct a translation as could be made to modern English) to a university rector complaining about drunk students going about at night making loud music and “other acts not very honest” and how it was annoying the citizenry.

It’s from John III of Portugal. It’s dated 1539.

Some things just don’t change.

Total outgoings last week: £31.48


One thought on “a game in town like this

  1. todo_cambia says:

    That’s hilarious about the letter. No, hundreds of years later and even across an ocean, here in the new world, xD things don’t change much, John…

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