Also, because it’s funny and so you don’t have to comment on the depressing wall of drivel below, I had a strange L4D moment in the Arts block toilets seeing an A4 poster with a variety of handwritten graffiti on it:

The actual text, which you can’t really see on the crap phone camera:
Below it: “Maybe that’s because they don’t actually have hands?”
Little arrow: “What about spider pig?”
Far right, in reply to this: “Left filthy trotter marks on walls and ceiling.”


4 thoughts on “PS IM FAT

  1. haemony says:

    That last made me chuckle.

  2. People carry bacteria in their mouths worse than those in dogs’ mouths, and yet they touch in and around their mouths without washing their hands all the time.

    Peoples’ genitals are cleaner than peoples’ mouths and yet this Victorian nonsense persists.

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