butane daydreams (the dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive) says:
tell me the link between the Fusil Automatique Leger and the pasta I just had for dinner
hint: the former is a gun, and the pasta was fusilli
Audite nostras preces, Domine (John 6:40) says:
barrel of the gun
butane daydreams says:
this is an extremely fun mental exercise
an interesting idea, fusilli looks sort of like rifling, but no
Audite nostras preces, Domine says:
is it way simpler? did the men just eat a pasta from some obscure region and it got named after them
butane daydreams says:
sadly it’s much more complicated
would you like me to explain? I find it terribly interesting
Audite nostras preces, Domine says:
go on then
butane daydreams says:
their common root is an ancient technique for spinning cord
fusil or something similar to it meaning “spindle” in italian I believe
the cord, taking the name of the spindle and technique, was known as fuse-cord, and had considerable military use
in slow-burning wicks, from which we get the term “fuse” as a catch-all term for a device for initiating explosives, slow-burning fuse cord being used as a crude timer for explosives, someone ready to blow being “on a short fuse”
tar-impregnated fuse was also used in the matchlock mechanisms of early muskets
which gave their name to the type of musket, the fusil, along the way spawning the infantry “fusilier”
and eventually became a catch-all French term for long guns, then specifically rifles
leading to their current word for rifle, in this case the (actually Belgian-made, if we’re splitting hairs) FAL, being “fusil”
and so now guns and pasta use the same word, and the spinning technique is utterly forgotten
Audite nostras preces, Domine says:
ah, yes the sort of helix paettern of the pasta is reminscent of the spinning of wool with a spindle
butane daydreams says:
I just find that logical thread strangely interesting
history nerdism, I suppose
Audite nostras preces, Domine says:
thread, conscious joke?
butane daydreams says:
no, sadly
Audite nostras preces, Domine says:
ah well we all like our knowledge trails – I’ve been investigating conspiracy theories
butane daydreams says:
imagine if the word for the spindle had been, as you mused, “helix” or some variant on it
and I’d just eaten sausages with helixilli, and the army had fought with a helix automatique leger in the Falklands
Audite nostras preces, Domine says:
i’m not sure what helix means – i’ll check
butane daydreams says:
it’s from greek
greek for what, I don’t know
you are considerably better placed to find out than me I suppose
Audite nostras preces, Domine says:
coil, winding, curl, circle, spiral line, bracelet, earing
i just checked me diction’ry
butane daydreams says:
it’s originally a term for a type of jewellery? a method of working metal? or was the bracelet named after the shape?
Audite nostras preces, Domine says:
probably the bracelet after the shape, they may have used the term for the swastika spiral
butane daydreams says:
see, I have no desire to get any deeper into the meanings and origins than this, but change and continuity over time fascinate me
Audite nostras preces, Domine says:
then you should observe what’s happening economically at the moment – New World Order
butane daydreams says:
oh lord, are the illuminati returning to make obsolete the nation-state and establish a terrifying single world government?
perhaps they need to, so that we are prepared to fight the mysterons


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