I will have more sausages.

Returned from Bristol and cousinage, with a gift of sausages from Dad, to find that what I had in the fridge was:
1) cheese
2) butter
3) the cup of sausage grease I’m saving to fry eggy bread in

Bangers and three kinds of fat. Brilliant. Delicious, but not a balanced meal. Which necessitated shopping. And oh did I shop.

Cycled up to Sainsbury’s at Selly Oak with a massive list; got to the counter with two thirds of it realised, summing £18 worth of delicious and nutritious things. This was my conservative (and as it turned out, wrong – insert tacky political commentary here) estimate of what I could carry. When at the till I finished paying and realised I still had some space left in my bag, I went back with my trolley bought some squash, biscuits, olives, choc ices, fish fingers and suchlike less-necessary-but-exceptionally-delicious noms to accompany the more prosaic. I was heavily laden, but overjoyed that I’d only need to make one trip up to Selly Oak in the miserable weather.

Unfortunately, the broken piece of crap pannier that’s still fifty per cent of my carry capacity fell off my bike on the downhill just short of the Selly Oak bridge, which embarrassed me and destroyed my eggs. I’m not so bothered about its now ingrown egginess, because I’m definitely going to buy new panniers before I next have to go shopping. But… when I buy new panniers, I will technically be shopping, and thus shopping without new panniers. This is meta.

On the way back across the little cross-stream footbridge that leads to the Bristol Road, I noticed that someone had stuck up signs saying “Cyclist’s [sic] please dismount and cross on foot.” I did, though it rankled taking orders from someone who is manifestly less intelligent than me.

Reading week is… readingy. As well as devouring many books and bacon, choc ices etc I am writing occasionally and having nice long lie ins, which I will of course miss once I get back to my cut-and-thrust nose-to-the-grindstone NINE-TO-FIVE-OR-DIE course. Ripped a video of Alex bungee jumping from a DVD for him, which was a learning experience. I am now working on making TF2 videos. Also, we need to bring Charlemagne to Youtube in force.

November 5, Remember Remember the Day of the Failed Demoman, and I joined a group of Block 12ers going down to the Vale fireworks display. which was deeply impressive despite the being timed to go off with the sky falling on our heads. I lost my party quickly, but found a tree. This did not keep me dry, or help me find them, but did give me a better view of the reflections on the lake. With rain-sodden glasses, mass fireworks accompanied by various movie soundtracks became exceptionally trippy, a blurred kaleidoscope of burning, coloured lights. And twenty-four hours later my clothes are almost dry, too!

Expenditures thus far: £22 shopping.


3 thoughts on “I will have more sausages.

  1. “November 5, Remember Remember the Day of the Failed Demoman”

    Took me a second. :D

  2. phlegm_noir says:

    Bangers and three kinds of fat. Brilliant. Delicious, but not a balanced meal. Which necessitated shopping.

    For SPAM!

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