“that is not a gun. that is three guns somehow made into half a gun. it is an insult to firearms.”

Cycled up to Selly Oak again to catch what I was short on – butter, replacement eggs, more bread, milk, apples, grocery stuff. The weather is cold, crisp and clear, beautiful for now, but possibly less fun when it gets properly wintery. Especially if it gets icy. That’ll be murder on cycling. Good lord, I might even have to walk! On my FEET! Like a regular pleb!

Unfortunately, Sainsbury’s closes at 4 on Saturdays. This meant that I had no butter, so no welcome-back flapjack for Becky and Gemma. I must make some tomorrow. But I got a nice bike ride, and it’s all exercise, eh?

Speaking of my bike – the roofed bike shed is inconvenient and since there are always a bunch chained up outside it, presumably inadequate. This means that I lock my bike to a lamp post next to my block. I am slightly worried about rust/whatever happens to a bike exposed to the elements for a long time. Should I be? Is there anything I can do?

Reading week went… pretty well, all in all. I didn’t do an immense amount of reading, but I did quite a bit, and was also fairly productive learning to make TF2 videos, writing my own things, jumping through the next two hoops of this foolish transcription thing in the distant hope of sit-at-home employment.

Next weekend, home for the LAN, which will be followed by Jonathan Coulton. Should be fun.

Things I need to do in the near future:
– Food shop, again, make flapjack
– sort out my diary dates for the rest of the term – check all module handbooks to be clear on what is expected so’s to avoid nasty surprises
– tidy my room
– following getting essay back from Stuart, make plans for my remaining MotMW essay and my MOMD essay, neither of which are going to be in for a long time but I’d rather work on them now when I have time to spare
– laundry – save that until I’m basically out of clothes if possible, for VALUE
– go shopping for things: panniers, trousers, perhaps another jersey to replace disappeared one
– transcription – this is pending Dan getting back to me, and presently out of my hands.

Total expenditures for the week: £38


One thought on ““that is not a gun. that is three guns somehow made into half a gun. it is an insult to firearms.”

  1. Is there nowhere internal you can store your bike?

    Trouble is, thieves round here, if they can’t steal the bike they just bend the wheels…..

    As far as bits of weather protection go, you’ll need to just use some WD40 on the brake calipers and the gear changing mechs. Also you’ll need to degunk the chain and re-lube it with something like Teflon chain lube. This should keep it in tip-top outside condtion… Occasionally you’ll also need to release the brakes and slide the brake wire cover down and re-grease the cable to keep it free moving in the cover.

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