“he thinks we think he will; so he thinks we shall; so he will; so we must”

Success! The rather well locked, bike-shed-looking building with all the bikes chained up next to it in the open air is, as it turns out, not actually the bike shed (though my judgment that it would not have space for my bike was right on the money!). It’s an electrical substation. The actual bike shed is just past it and a code, ably provided by the ever-useful Siz, let me into a rather musty, Snickers-packet-strewn building with sufficient space for one more bike at least, so the water-demons will no longer cause me rust trouble in their fall from the heavens.

Also I found my weeny bike lights, so everything is fantastic on the cycling front. Except that I seem to have mislaid one of my gloves… blast.

Title, from my reading for today’s lecture, is rather funny and twee until the context is revealed, and the context is my lecture on strategy in total war, and more specifically the game of thermonuclear chicken. Also, slightly more entertainingly, my notes for this strategy contain the line “Korea: MacArthur relieved by Truman for wanting to destroy everything.”



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