with a suitcase full of pistols and money

L4D2 came out on Tuesday 17th (on time, on target, no 28-hour delays), which meant a little extra work on Monday to allow for guilt-free zombie shooting with COGS for the better part of my waking hours. It’s much more of a game; much harder, too. Still need to find two more good players so that me and Wild Bill Hovercraft can have a foursome to take on the fiercer difficulties. Not that Normal isn’t occasionally a challenge.

After so much zombie killing I felt sleepy and a bit ill and, upon closing the game, slumped into bed. Then I realised that I had done nothing useful since the end of my seminar at 11, and for once felt bad about it. So I forced myself up, made a cuppa, had a shower, sorted out my diary for the rest of term (only three weeks left! Weird…), noted my essay deadlines (Dec 7, ie beginning of the last week, for both 2000 word history/WOR essays, assessed for Stuart and formative for Rob, start of next term for 3000 word Analysing Everyday Texts essay.)

Then realised I actually did feel really ill and utterly terrible and sent a worried and apologetic email to Suganthi saying I might not make her lecture tomorrow on account of going down with the Green Flu.

No worries.

Total number of books on my Somme Focused Study reading list: 23. Total number of these books actually present in the library: 0. So I reserved a few, and at Stuart’s advice booked the Styles Room (war studies sanctuary room and mini-library in the Arts block) for Friday. One of my reserved books came through on Thursday, and after a joyful and uplifting lecture about the siege of Breisach (starving soldiers murdering children for the pot, exhuming and eating rotten corpses, all delightful stuff) I picked it up.

Heading out from the library I noticed a large orange sign on the side of the perennial marquee in Centre Court saying “FREE FOOD” in big black letters. Sikh-Soc were running an awareness-raising, malnutrition-reducing langar, so: loads of handouts and posters and interesting things about Sikhism, along with all-you-can-eat Apani Dhani-esque veggie noms: delicious dal, potato curry, rice, chapati and samosa, with… orange squash. Giving out free food is probably the best way of securing the attention and goodwill of students there is; for Thursday, at least, Sikhism was the best religion in the world.

On Friday, our Somme focused study was somewhat divided: the War Studies folks arguing animatedly among themselves about LMGs and trench mortars and operations and tanks and the definition of grand strategy, the vanilla History students rather timidly and uncertainly talking about Haig and Rawlinson. One ventured an assessment of Allied reconnaisance which included “satellite photography”, upon which Stuart quite kindly said “I don’t think they had many satellites in 1916”. I went to the Styles Room at noon to use my booking, but (despite advertising the availability of the room in person and on Facebook) nobody else did. Their loss.

Total expenditures: £13.


5 thoughts on “with a suitcase full of pistols and money

  1. So how about a verdict on it for those of us who don’t believe payola sites and who read journals of people with a command of the Queen’s english, you cart-pushing failmonger.

  2. Total expenditures: £13.

    Please tell me that you’re catered. Or that you live off nothing but pasta or something. Otherwise that ^ is a really depressing number…even if I don’t go out all week I end up spending like at least £25 on food & I don’t even know what :/

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