“Ellis, you’re carrying like ten different guns.”

L4D/2 autoexec file backed up. Move along, nothing to see here, citizen.

//Adapted from a few other autoexecs I’ve seen; this is the one I actually use ingame. Cheers to everyone whose code I’ve stolen.

// Weapon Fire Rate Select
// The “Q” key cycles fire mode
alias normalmode “bind mouse1 +attack; autoecho; autocross; bind q semimode”
alias semimode “bind mouse1 semiautofire; semiecho; semicross; bind q normalmode”
//All other slots and weapon changes bound to default to normalmode; no reason to use semi anywhere else, actively interferes with nades and health kits.
bind 2 “normalmode; autocross; slot2”
bind 3 “normalmode; autocross; slot3”
bind 4 “normalmode; autocross; slot4”
bind 5 “normalmode; autocross; slot5”
bind mwheelup “normalmode; autocross; invprev”
bind mwheeldown “normalmode; autocross; invnext”
//Semiauto alias
alias semiautofire “+attack; wait 4; -attack; wait 2”
//Crosshair colours; full auto is red, semi turquoise.
alias autocross “cl_crosshair_red 255; cl_crosshair_green 50; cl_crosshair_blue 50”
alias semicross “cl_crosshair_red 100; cl_crosshair_green 255; cl_crosshair_blue 100”
// Echo Aliases
alias semiecho “echo Semi-Auto Fire Mode”
alias autoecho “echo Normal Fire Mode”
// Set Default to Normal

//Unused burst fire code because burst sucks, might be useful for autopistolling, needs cleaning up
//alias burstmode “bind mouse1 burstfire; burstecho; burstcross; bind q semimode”
//alias burstfire “+attack; wait 4; -attack; wait 2; +attack; wait 4; -attack; wait 2; +attack; wait 4; -attack; wait 2”
//alias burstcross “cl_crosshair_red 255; cl_crosshair_green 0; cl_crosshair_blue 0”
//alias burstecho “echo Burst Fire Mode”

//Settings to make crosshair thin and defined.
cl_crosshair_thickness 1
cl_crosshair_alpha 255

//Sets voice to echo for recording.
voice_loopback 1


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