manley mannfred mannlich von manstein

Job interview went stunningly well. CEO type came and shook my hand, nice Christian women asked me about what I knew about technology and computers and Spanish and it transpired that what they most of all needed was someone for maintaining an online image archive, which I’m completely capable of and do in my spare time. Left with good feelings. Phone call later: “we really liked you but have found someone we like even more. Sorry.”

Oh well.

On the bright side, according to Sarah it is almost certain that accommodation has been sorted out and I will indeed have a Place to Live. Which is a load off my mind (leave aside that the place would also have been perfect for my new job, if I’d got it… bah.)

On the even brighter side, my first assessed essay came back; the Military Revolution one, which I thought compared to the horrible Airpower one (grade: 69%) was genuinely good. Grade: 70%. A First. (Only just, but still.) I hope my Somme essay is less rubbish than expected, but since due to failbooks the . I’m doing prep for this term’s essays starting now; the biggest issue I have, I think, is doing enough reading and referencing.

Am attending RPGsoc on Wednesdays, since Jon finally convinced me to come; playing a Savage Worlds homebrew where you are part of a rag-tag band of misfits (is there any other) sent by a league of city-states to reconnoitre the frontiers of a growing Evil Empire in the south. The main selling point from the GM was giant pangolins. This is my very first tabletop RPG; I created a generally unpleasant mercenary crossbowman (named Tadeusz Wallenstein – nobody should ever be able to get that reference on their own) and have made a Good Showing in our first session, which was pretty much “the combat introduction”. The rest of the team at the time being an urchin (who is physically unimpressive and throws rocks), a noble-born rich wizardish type (who is really bad at hitting anything), and a Florentine-favouring fencing tutor who’s useful on the few occasions he actually gets into combat, I am the heavy hitting power of the team. Rivalry with fencer has escalated to ridiculous levels, however; due to my character constantly insulting and belittling his, he and the GM started passing notes with the result that my character keeps finding unpleasant things painted on his clothes and is too thick to figure it out.

Roleplaying challenges me in new ways.

GM: The bandit is incapacitated. Do you want to finish him off, or take him prisoner?
(My character has “Bloodthirsty” as a hindrance.)
My character: END HIM
Fencer: Isn’t the reward better if we hand them in alive?
GM: Ja.
(My character has “Greedy” as a hindrance.)
My character: …I am conflicted ._.

With some advice and assistance from Gemma I am seeking to expand my palate beyond the triumvirate of “microwaved/boiled/fried things”, so I am making tomato soup (not as thick as the bond you can forge with a man over whisky and ribs but still pretty damn thick and tasty) and investigating the possibilities of other soups, doing more stir fryery and generally making use of my Student Cookbook. Since I discovered the trick of reading it before going shopping rather than after, recipes are more… within my grasp.
I am also, based on recommendations from Ben among other internet people, seriously considering buying myself an electric countertop grill. I’m unsure if I should be going with a genuine George Foreman article or an (even cheaper) knockoff, so all advice would be welcomed.

Last week’s outgoings:

Summed costs for first three weeks of term (inc. Viking care & feeding):


8 thoughts on “manley mannfred mannlich von manstein

  1. We’re on our 3rd counter-top grill (in about 6 or 7 years). This time I bought an authentic George Foreman grill and it seems to be worth the extra $. We’ve only had this one for a few months, they seem to last about 3 or so years.

    Make sure you get one which has removable grill plates — much easier to clean. Our first one didn’t and consequently cleanup was a PITA. We use ours 3 or 4 times a week for everything from hotdogs and hamburgers to grilled chicken, pork chops, lamb chops and even panini. My default dinner is grilled meat and a salad.

  2. Ditto what Hugh said. We’ve had a George Foreman grill for years now – one with removable plates – and it was the best impulsive buy I’ve ever made . We use it for waffles, paninis, regular grilled cheese sandwiches. According to the cookbook that came with it, you can even bake cookies in it, although we’ve never tried that. About the only thing we haven’t done yet with it is cooking meat, but that might change in the future once my oldest son moves out again and it’s just two of us needing dinner or other meals.

    I hope you keep having fun with the RPG. I miss the days of spending hours sitting at a table and having to decide if I wanted to pierce the bad guys with my arrows or attempt to do bodily harm to them by slashing them open or sneaking off to the side to open the chest while my team kept the baddies busy (I was a thief, but don’t remember if greed was ever a hindrance).

    1. Possibly not to a thief (or a mercenary), but it rather is one to a team player.

      Fortunately my character is just about smart enough to realise that killing his team for their gold will, in the end, result in less gold.

      1. Again, ditto what Hugh said. If it’s the same price, get the bigger grill. You might not ever need the larger size, but it’s far better to have it and not need it, than to have the smaller one and find yourself needing the larger grill.

        How is your character with gambling? Because if he’s good enough, he can always lure his team into games of chance and feed the greed without having to resort to far more permanent methods of amassing gold . Just kidding. Unless your team members are bad at gambling…

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