the french stole so many vowels from eastern europe they can afford to tack three or four onto

the end of every word and not even pronounce them.

Four things so far today have brought me great joy:






8 thoughts on “the french stole so many vowels from eastern europe they can afford to tack three or four onto

    1. I KNOW RIGHT. I sent him a facebook message last night wondering if he got the letter I sent him (last year) and such and he said “no, I was wondering why not, hello!” And now we are Internet Friends in the finest tradition of the 21st century.

      1. I’ll tell my Dad that. It’ll make his day! You should definitely add sauerkraut to your new healthy-eating cookery.

        I’m so jealous of your Internet friendship. You never know, one day Phil might choose you as his protegee! (Imagine appropriate French accents).

      2. Argh! Healthy things are cropping up all over the place! How will my poor arteries take the shock…

        This is an unlikely but endlessly desirable dream.

  1. Regarding that backpack:

    [COGS] Premasiri: your inconsistency is mind-boggling. you’re using the flare gun (which you’ve called crap) the regular flamethrower (which you call pointless) the cloak and dagger (which you say is for noobs) and the ambassador (which you say is a fag weapon)
    [COGS] Premasiri: WHY SO TROLL
    [COGS] Panzerwurst: because I’m on idle servers and they’re useful for shittiness, trolling, setting random people on fire from miles away, killing stationary people, and being invisible on tiny maps with no metal
    [COGS] Premasiri: the point of idle servers is that you’re idle too
    [COGS] Panzerwurst: as soon as I’m playing for real I switch back to actual weapons
    [COGS] Premasiri: also, you waiting for fourth refined?
    [COGS] Panzerwurst: yeah but if I want to dick around with people, and I always do, it’s nice to have the option =B
    [COGS] Premasiri: oh also
    [COGS] Premasiri: excluding metals
    [COGS] Premasiri: I have 1 less hat than non-hats in my inventory
    [COGS] Premasiri is now Offline.
    [COGS] Premasiri is now Online.
    [COGS] Premasiri is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    [COGS] Panzerwurst: rest assured
    [COGS] Panzerwurst: I remain convinced that the flaregun, airblast, cloak and dagger are all, as you say, “fag weapons”
    [COGS] Premasiri:

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