blessed in his sight/shall live forever in his memory

What happens when you mix a chap doing an art degree, a pen and a kitchen?

Mischief! And trollfaces.

Dem huevos.


the pirro is a nom!




As Pereira put it: if you don’t know what Yaranaika is, don’t ask.


intentional logical fallacies (yes, he is wearing a girl’s jumper.)


In the background: empty jar of olives, sexy new speakers, homebrew flavoured salt, 15mW laser pointer, Crepdrive (256mb). I’M SO FUCKING FUTURE




I am not an egg, but I looked so intimidated by the spade it was funny.

Rocket Jump Waltz played on the piano, wonderfully.
The traction suburb of Billund.


6 thoughts on “blessed in his sight/shall live forever in his memory

  1. haemony says:

    …AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Those are brilliant!


    Content: That rifle looks…dangerously real. Or would to someone who knows nothing about popular firearms.

    And you got that ACOG from a telescope. :3

    • brosencrantz says:

      I loosely based the dimensions on a G3. It was very annoying making something that could be easily proven not to be a real gun, but at the same time looked right. The ejection port on the other side looks brilliantly wrong-and-good-at-the-same-time.

      And the scope lenses were from a projector of some sort, I think. The black knob on top is a bottle lid, and the thing in between is something for holding pipes cut down a bit so the lenses would stick on. A cool bit of damage we noticed was… well, see for yourself:

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