the magical place that can’t even figure out how fish can breathe underwater

This was A Good Week.

WAFS lecture by the redoubtable Jerzy Lukowski on war economics was a great return to form after reading week. Practising History lectures have happily stopped existing; I instead have Jacobite Rebellion seminars (lamentably, on Friday at unreasonable o’clock) with the lovely Vicky Henshaw. Starting to prepare for my next WAFS essay, as I still have a whole month… but on the other hand, I only have a month.

Plot not really thickening in our campaign at neckbeardsoc; we (in real life) trudged down to the Gun Barrels because other people had stolen all the rooms in the Guild, (in the lands of imagination) saved a bunch of pseudogypsies from the armies of the oppressor, and I traded some of my teammates’ horses for a PANGOLIN (a baby version of the giant pangoloths the gypsies use as draught animals, so at the moment a full-size pangolin and only going to get bigger). Also, after a run of truly tragic failures last session, I was back on form making heads explode with enchanted crossbow bolts and mocking the highwayman for being ineffective.

I made Instant Mug Brownies according to a recipe I found on 4chan (yes, yes, “recipe for disaster”), but lacking cocoa substituted strawberry nesquik powder. The result was… “mmm goddamn” doesn’t really go far enough. Sticky and delicious. All measures in tablespoons: two vegetable oil, two water, two sugar, two cocoa, four flour, mix up in a mug and put in the microwave for a minute, enjoy sugar rush and heart attack.

I signed for my House; deposit of £250, admin fee £50, and have posted parents a thing to sign in case I bug out on the rent. Dammit, life is expensive.

Scheduled my DSA needs assessment in town at ten in the morning on Friday. Set my alarm for eight to be on the safe side.
Was woken by my phone ringing. Clock said 10:18. ARGH. I need a new clock.
“I can make it down in half an hour? Or should I reschedule?”
“We can probably do it in an hour if you can make it here by eleven. See you soon!”
The next half hour felt like a rushed montage. Dress. Cycle. Train. Sprint. Made it. And since I’d already completed the paperwork (which only needed to be emailed to their HQ; the future is bright) and the person after me was ten minutes late, an extremely nice person called Julia walked me through general needs and failures right on time.

With the result that the government is going to give me:
A laptop (what I had hoped for), with three years’ warranty to last out my course;
A printer (which I hadn’t, but will be really useful);
Proprietary software – antivirus (probably Norton, ugh), a rather cool program which looks like it could be actually useful for thought marshalling; they could also have given me a shiny new MS Office, but I already have a copy and honestly the less money going to Microsoft the better, so said I didn’t need it;
A digital voice recorder (which was cause of some discussion and soul-searching; “if it turns out I don’t need it, can I give it back?” “…not really.” “oh.”) But as agreed with Vikki when doing the university assessment thing, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it;
Subsidised print cartridges and internet;
I could also have got quite a few shiny new peripherals, but I didn’t really need them and at that point conscience really kicked in. Though I’d feel a lot worse about this if I knew less about military procurement screwups. After the H&K refit, this is less than half a rifle.
Generally happy and excited feelings as I toddled back home, rewarding myself with a sandvich from Munchies of the Bullring on the way. I hadn’t really understood how worried I was about this not working out… until it did.

Then I went to see the Gilbert & Sullivan society (now under Siz and Megan) production of The Mikado, and still have little lists stuck in my head.

Yes, this was a good week.

House: £301.50
Shopping: £15.95
Train tickets: £3.40
Noms: £4
Mikado: £3


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