Dear Oliver
You are the best brother. You are brilliant and amazing and capable and wonderful. I would name my firstborn after you any day. How about that win7 disc?

Dear Ask4
You are surprisingly good and helpful. If you had been the first ISP I had ever had to deal with, I would be crying salt tears as soon as I got into the real world.

Dear Scan.co.uk
Your customer service, especially the queue that had me listening to a glib recorded voice talking about how great your customer service was for six minutes without pause or repetition, can fall in a well of dicks. But you can have my money anyway because that was a good deal.

(Now on internet-capable laptop, the rebuilding of desktop will happen… one day.)


2 thoughts on “TUNE UP, BROHAM

  1. siz_t says:

    Ooh! Is it Ask4? My internet suddenly stopped working on Friday night and I haven’t been in the flat to check it since. Do I have to do Clever Things to it?

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