“Your friends are all dead. Good luck.”

Could any of my American friends help me out here?

For my Practising History module I need to get my hands on Andrew Henderson’s “The history of the rebellion, 1745 and 1746”.

Par for the module (and course), there are no deadtree copies available in the library, the online journal archive requires ten straight minutes of shibboleth hoop-jumping to get to and is an unbelievably poorly made clusterfuck of a site that gives you a scanned page the size of a postage stamp after a minute of loading (the book sums 378 of these, not even joking), Project Gutenberg doesn’t have it and Google Books is being useless and bitchy and not giving me a download despite the book having been public domain for literally centuries.

I found a free ebook on, of all places, Barnes & Noble. I tried signing up myself with a proxy and a convincing fake address and all, but despite the book being absolutely free, it insists on me giving it card details before it’ll give me the bloody book. And my wretched limey card just ain’t good enough for them.

So if anyone with a functioning US credit card could spend a couple minutes setting up a B&N account (if you already have one, even better!) to download the book and mail it to me, I will officially Owe You One and be certain to repay you in epic poetry and/or delicious transatlantic fudge or something. (Reward will also be granted to anyone who can work it out of Google Books; maybe I’m just failing hard but it’s three in the morning here and that thing is more impenetrable to me than a solid tungsten edition of Moby Dick.)

Patty, you are a sexy goddess of sex.

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