the de havilland mosquito: sometimes you get wood, and sometimes wood gets you

Towards the end of last term, Block 12 collectively had far too much in the way of perishable supplies. I remember a blockmate on facebook implored everyone to come and take some of her onions, which got a few plaintive replies of “no, please, take my onions instead!”.

Once bitten, nobody in my flat has bought anything for a week and the kitchen is almost bare. My milk has disappeared, which isn’t something I’d usually get annoyed at except that everyone else’s milk has disappeared too, so I am forced to have my tea Sri Lankan style. I’ve long since lost track of whether or not I’m ahead of the game in terms of onions and potatoes (which all go haphazardly heaped in the same cupboard) but there are none of them left, either. My last week’s nomming is looking like some rice, a couple of kinds of pasta, instant mash, a jar of sauerkraut, various powdered drinks/sauces, half a box of fish fingers, some frozen burgers and a couple of tins of beans/tomatoes/custard. While I will not die, it has already led to some… experimental cuisine. (Phlegm, Rake, I tried cutting spam into little slices and grilling it and it was actually amazing. Especially when mixed with rice and chopped olives.) But we’re on the home straight now and I really don’t want to go shopping again this term. I think I may not be able to avoid doing a run of laundry, though.

The university clothes shop was having a sale, so I bought a hoodie! It is warm and soft and black and proclaims my loyalty to the University of Bromingham in large white impermanent-looking letters, providing a useful and cosy middle ground between overcoat and shirtsleeves.

Another all-nighter to finish my MOTMW essay. This is a terrible habit I really should shake; the proofreading isn’t as good, the sleep disruption hurts and the collection of brown powdered things I stir into hot water with sugar to keep body and soul together are probably at this point causing lasting damage. (You know how energy drinks taste kind of like bile? It’s because they are.) While not perfect, it is finished and I am satisfied that it is probably at least 2.1 material.

I sent some rather strange frantic emails and texts this morning while drunk with fatigue and elation. Hope I didn’t worry anyone.

Handed it in, despite the truly inadequate library printing infrastructure, found Siz and congratulated her on her PhD place and hopefully haven’t caught mumps from her. Sat through the last two WAFS lectures I’ll ever have (we thought the good times would last forever… but we were wrong), which were about gender in war and pacifism… the rule is apparently not to finish strong.

I went to see a lecture pitch for an interesting university scheme which is basically paying students to mentor kids in secondary schools. It sounds overall fun, interesting, satisfying, useful for future job prospect things and also MONEY. It probably also seemed this way to the other two hundred first years in the lecture theatre. I collected an application form and then rewarded the essay with my first fish and chips in ages. Yum.

I am still dead tired (can you tell from the sentence structure?) so about to curl up in bed for a proper night off. Then tomorrow I set about my 4k on the Military Revolution for Friday, which I honestly think will be a doddle.

Costs for last week: £19.80

One thought on “the de havilland mosquito: sometimes you get wood, and sometimes wood gets you

  1. I do not has mumps. Thou is fine.

    (Well, I had the MMR, twice, and Greg is all better and un-hamster-like now, so I wouldn’t worry.)

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