grace under pressure

I had thought the 4k assessed WAFS essay was due in on Friday at noon. Turned out it was today, at 3pm. I learned this yesterday thanks to a text from my amazing war studies comrade Jon Hollyman, the great, the merciless, he-who-sees all. I was mostly sorted for research, references and solid argument; all that really remained was to finish and edit the essay. 4,000 words of it. In 24 hours rather than the 48 I had thought I had. Which I damn well did, and wouldn’t have a problem if it weren’t for proper historical referencing conventions, dagnabbit.

I’d set a quarter hour to sort out the final formatting of referencing (always the last thing to do); turns out that wasn’t anything like enough. Frantically copy-pasting references and dealing with a certain bizarre annoying bastard of a glitch in Word, I finished a little before 3.

Wordcount check just in case. Done! Double space the whole thing. Done! Copy-paste the bibliography over. Done! CTRL+S. Tab over to Chrome, hit up WebCT. Log in (took three attempts because the fucking worthless system seems to have been cobbled together by monkeys). Clock says “2:58.” Hit the upload button.
Computer stops doing things.

Laptop gives a little “glink” sound as it does when it’s about to stop functioning entirely.

And so I submitted my essay late.

I’m not completely torn up about it, admittedly. As long as I can get over 40% it’s completely immaterial, and I will get a damn sight better than 40%; I’d have pegged my (un-adjusted-for-lateness) mark as likely a decent 2:1, possibly even a First (i gud egotist). And yes, of course, if I’d put in another hour’s work last week I wouldn’t have had this problem in the first place. I will know that for next year when it matters. Think I might have to have handed the deadtree version in by 3 as well, which case I was screwed anyway. Also, I just got clearance to order a brand-spanking-sexy-new-shiny-laptop-of-fire from the guv’mint which you can be certain I will be doing as soon as I get home. When I do get home – I have a really awesome weekend in Oxfordland lined u

where the fuck is my phone

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