hustlers, cheats and anglers, fixers, sharps and mutineers

So! I have roundly failed at bike maintenance.

Back tyre went alarmingly flat (again, after I got some Halfords prawns to replace it in the first term). Went to Halfords again, on a bumpy grocery trip (checked the nice independent Selly Cycles opposite, which was shut, first) and the oh-so-helpful service prawn offered to sell me a new inner tube but not to fit it, because he was apparently busy (could have fooled me; whatever.) I thought “oh what the hell, this is a life skill or something.”

I got home and managed to (after much painful prising) remove the wheel. However, no amount of painful prising or bent spoons (fortunately re-bent into proper shape, but damn) would get the bloody tyre off, and I feared I was damaging it in my attempts. Eventually I gave up, and then spent fifteen painful greasy minutes trying to get the wheel and chain back into place. And this is a quick release wheel, mind you.

I resolved to just pump up the tire and hope it lasted long enough to get up to Selly Oak and pay to have the bloody thing fitted. So I borrowed Siz’s bike pump… and the pressure gauge twizzled over and broke off. Fantastic. Sophie saved me with her hand pump, but I am Not Happy about this; I now have to buy a new pump on top of the other stupid expenses this is costing me. I will be damn sure to go when Selly Cycles are open rather than Halfords.

On the bright side I will be visiting family and watching John Boorman’s talk with the explosively talented Mr Reeve next Monday. Also, COGS highlander team is learning lots of lessons about team play at the moment; hopefully we can then put them into practice.

On the dark side I now have a Twatter.

Last week’s costs:
£10 COD4
£26 shopping
£5 tyre
£11 bus ticket
£15 online things
This is being an expensive fortnight, that’s almost two nights’ worth of alcohol more than I usually spend.

Also, I have it on good authority that Londonbros should see this if they’re around Greenwich this week.


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