red: bad, blue: good, green/purple: indifferent but willing to troll red/blue

I rode my bike down to the station to pick up some tickets for tomorrow. Turns out that while the first train for Malvern does in fact leave at 9:26 from Moor Street, the trains into town from University don’t actually start until five to ten.

Whatever; it’s not going to be hard to cycle down there. In fact, I’ll do that right now to be able to make proper plans. TC to the Mailbox is ten minutes at a good clip, even allowing (as it’s sensible to do so) for retarded pedestrians, angry geese and the tunnel); from the Mailbox to Moor Street, navigating by the skyline of plate-glass architectural abominations and across the pagoda-roundabout-rotary-supercollider, fifteen more. That’s not much of a problem. Apart from the only bike parking facilities being highly exposed, rather thin railings in a not particularly good neighbourhood, doable. I’ll just have to get up at a normal person time and hope crooks don’t think my bike is interesting enough.

In fact, hello ticket office man, can I buy a ticket for Malvern tomorrow? What do you mean that’s an extra £5, the internet doesn’t charge you that. Fine, I’ll get up another fifteen minutes earlier.

Back home via the post office. And oh, look, it’s started raining.

fuck I’m tired


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