swapping the turf for the sand and the surf and the sin

Geek Summer was magnificent as expected! Despite a few total fuck-ups (couldn’t find wallet; forgot to bring door keys; no family at home for hours) and a sadly reduced guest list (almost no London people managed to make it up), I think (and hope) the proud few had a good time. We ate Yoyo and mountains of bacon, slid down rockslides in the dark, gamed, watched The Incredibles and Bill playing through Dear Esther (which was better than I’d expected but worse than I’d hoped; it really does go better alone, at night, with the lights off and the island slipping into your head through the inescapable intimacy of headphones). I got to see people I’d missed and chill with a representative sample of The Best People In The World. Now I need to plan a trip to London, send another angry email to the university, write a letter and post a parcel of DVDs in thanks for a certain Mystery Package that arrived the same day I did…

“Jez, you have five refined metal! What the hell?”
“It’s only four…”
“I’m saving up for the Polycount pack.”
“…Do you actually want any of the hats in the polycount pack?”


7 thoughts on “swapping the turf for the sand and the surf and the sin

  1. FUCK.


    The only hats I have are Bill’s, the Gibus, and the Lament.

    • brosencrantz says:

      I have… Soldier’s saucepan and kabuto, Pyro’s florpy glove and brain slug, Heavy’s Jayne hat, Demoman’s afro and tam o’shanter, Engie’s ten gallon, Medic’s mask and Spy’s fedora, camera beard and billycock.


    • brosencrantz says:


      Funny thing – a while back, when I had no hats at all to my name and was idling for enough metal to make a spy hat, I decided to collect all the camera beards that were dropping like regular items. I think I had about ten of them.

      Then they brought in a patch that treated camera beards as regular hats – that is, you could combine two to make another hat.

      :3 :3

  2. A google search for “swapping the turf for the sand and the surf and the sin” has this lj entry as the first result. Elbow only come in at number 3.

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