Friday, 10:30PM @ The Fountains; Be there and bring your dicks!

(via text)

Me (3:35 PM):
Scotland is really cool, wish a bro was here
Tom J (3:37 PM):
You me n beel should go camping up there. Wait wait. We should go camping on the monarch isles, take some banging speakers and the Dear Esther soundtrack.
Me (3:47 PM):
…we really should. Maybe youth hostelling rather than camping though.
Tom J (5:04 PM):
Probably a good idea. Might need a few more survival skill points before we camp on uninhabited scotish islands.
Me (5:11 PM):
I’ll start grinding by lighting campfires and pitching tents. IN MY PANTS.
Tom J (5:13 PM):
I’d better warn you that burning hair smells gross. Probably lower your encounter rate though, so that’s a plus.
Me (5:16 PM):
Encounters with what exactly?
Tom J (5:22 PM):
Kelpie, Cailleach Bheur, Caoineag, Cu Sith, Roane, Unseelie Court, the Slaugh…
Me (5:23 PM):
Tom J (5:25 PM):
shit dude be careful


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