broadside to broadside in a rolling cataclysm of nomad cannon

So, having laboured long and hard at the Frederick Barbarossa campaign, on a whim I found my .5mm push pencil and attempted some drawing. I haven’t bothered making shapes on paper in years, and the official gub’mint Certificate of Lysdexia and Spazzy Hands has given me a copper-bottomed excuse not to even try. But I felt Inspired all of a sudden, and compelled to see if I can still draw. It turns out I can’t, not really, but I did manage these depthless little doodles of traction-nomad engines from Blood on the Tracks. For those unaware of Fever Crumb’s flavour of post-post-post-apocalyptic nomads, they’re literally mobile nations – between wandering royal courts, gypsy bands, Mongol hordes, and armoured brigades. The machines they ride, on the theme of strange hybrids, combine various aspects of campervan, APC and mobile castle.

The thing connecting the lower one to the middle trailer is meant to be a rope bridge. It’s very tempting to say the detail got lost in the scanning, but in all honesty it looked pretty bad on paper too.


3 thoughts on “broadside to broadside in a rolling cataclysm of nomad cannon

  1. meteorakuli says:

    I like, especially the bottom one. On a related note I found the drawings you did of our class as penguins in year 8. Still awesome. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

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