honours degree is BACK! thanks marmandy dalrymple

Having poked at the university website, which is shortly going to revamp itself (inb4 this), hey, result! Well, several results, to be precise.

67 overall for the Modern History module. Which, since I got 34 last time (with the panic attack) is much better than I was expecting (Hovercraft, who crunches numbers, tells me the last paper will have got 73% – highest mark of the YEAR). What I wrote was a couple of very erudite but rather uncertain essays on subjects I really hadn’t revised well – European nationalism (namedropping Garibaldi at random, who turns out to have been exactly who I needed him to be) and British colonialism in India (talking mainly about infrastructure/railways, and based almost entirely on what I remember from The Age of Kali.) Gift horse, I trust that you have lovely teeth, please carry on.


4 thoughts on “honours degree is BACK! thanks marmandy dalrymple

  1. hugh_mannity says:

    Nice work. I take it that the UK has not succumbed to the US fashion of grading everyone who does more than a token amount of work as A.

  2. siz_t says:

    Eeee, that’s bloody fantastic :D

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