“Denmark does not need a military. Denmark needs an answerphone that says ‘we surrender.'”

I’m sitting in Tom’s conservatory in London, after a nice settled plane ride back from Copenhagen (which followed a truly delicious bacon-and-tea combo provided by Lotte). He’s painting Dog while I play Dylan on his tiny round doom-speakers, drink tea and read him quotes from /r9k/ (which is surprisingly good, and makes me feel much better about my life). Tonight, we’re going to go and see Inception at the Angel cinema I haven’t visited in like seven damn years.

(Tangled up in Blue plays.)
Tom: What’s this song about?
Me: A woman. Loneliness.
Tom: Really, though.
Me: (reading from Wiki) ‘”Tangled Up in Blue” is one of the clearest examples of Dylan’s attempts to write “multi-dimensional” songs which defied a fixed notion of time and space. Dylan was influenced by his recent study of painting and the Cubist school of artists, who sought to incorporate multiple perspectives within a single plane of view. As Neil McCormick remarked in 2003: “A truly extraordinary epic of the personal, an unreliable narrative carved out of shifting memories like a five-and-a-half-minute musical Proust.”‘ What the fuck am I reading? It’s about a woman, okay? Okay.
(Idiot Wind plays.)
Tom: About a woman?
Me: And a messed-up marriage! You know, I love Dylan’s lyrics to death, but the dude really can’t sing, can he?
Tom: No. Amazingly flat.
Me: Awesome, though.
(You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go plays.)
Tom: You know what, I have a challenge for you – find me something by Dylan that’s about happiness.
Me: …I was going to try to troll with something by Dylan Owen, but shit, he didn’t do happy either.


2 thoughts on ““Denmark does not need a military. Denmark needs an answerphone that says ‘we surrender.'”

  1. ruriruri says:

    LAY, LADY, LAY is about happiness!

    … Sorta. Mostly just sex though.

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