that gunpowder soufflé I’ve always dreamed of

>last train back from Coventry
>pulls in at midnight, no trains home
>too cheap to get a taxi, fuck it, I can walk
>about 7km home, mostly by canal
>but it’s late and icy and dark! there might be SCARY PEOPLE
>6’1″, black hoodie under black overcoat, black trousers, black gloves
>I look like a rapist
>do the walk
>solid black ice underfoot, starlit darkness, not a soul in sight all the way home
>canal is iced over, temperature is… bracing
>see an owl!
>ascend to street level at somerset road for last 2km
>pavements icy as fuck, roads clear though
>set phone to play music, put in hood
>doing my leo strut down the centre line of abandoned roads, Pendulum blaring from the small of my back


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