any old iron at all

­underneath the open sky says:
[16:59:16] ­
[16:59:39] ­don’t even ask about the background
[16:59:42] ­I don’t wanna kn
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[17:01:12] ­are you sure it’s not just that one is obscured by the chain and the other is on the lower edge of his rock-hard pec and thus difficult to spot?
[17:01:41] ­ I definitely see a hint of nipple there
[17:01:43] ­wtf are we doing
­underneath the open sky says:
[17:01:56] ­what the fuck are *you* doing
[17:02:01] ­I’m not staring at his nipples
[17:02:08] ­leave me alone
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[17:02:18] ­you stared at them long enough to conclude that they’d been shooped out
­underneath the open sky says:
[17:02:25] ­I GLANCED
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[17:02:25] ­you could tell by the pixels
­underneath the open sky says:
[17:02:37] ­and from having seen quite a few shirtless black men in my time


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