democracy tempered with assassination

[16:53:07] sry_101: whats this i hear that for one of your essays you made up all the references hmmm
[16:53:21] Brosencrantz: the one I got 77 in?
[16:53:29] Brosencrantz: are you judging me? =(
[16:53:44] sry_101: a little
[16:53:54] Brosencrantz: mean
[16:54:04] soraya hassan: hardly
[16:54:10] Brosencrantz: cruel
[16:54:48] sry_101: no…now your exaggerating
[16:55:00] Brosencrantz: judgmental
[16:55:38] sry_101: hardly, those books in your room are just for show…
[16:55:53] Brosencrantz: IT’S TRUE THEY ARE
[16:55:55] Brosencrantz: I CAN’T READ =(
[16:56:21] sry_101: you’re doing pretty well at reading this
[16:56:29] Brosencrantz: text to speech software
[16:57:14] sry_101: you do ok with texts
[16:57:18] Brosencrantz: speech to text software


3 thoughts on “democracy tempered with assassination

  1. Anonymous says:

    provides access

    I agree, I am living in Canada, and I looove your show and would love to see what you could do for us !!!

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