from now on, boy, this iron boat’s your home

Op Art last Wednesday, on the industrialisation of war, was the most technical lecture we’ve had so far (done by Rob Thompson, who seemingly has about the same mentality as me when it comes to weapons) and it worried me somewhat. Because I understood it all. Not just the better-artillery-means-this-tactical-change etc, not just the gradual and then intense ramping up of logistical pressures caused by the development of rapid-fire artillery and machine guns, or the huge parts system required by ever more sophisticated weapons and ever greater teeth-to-tail ratios, but the real technical stuff: deflagration rates, chamber pressures, hydro-pneumatic recoil mechanisms, terminal ballistics. I didn’t just know the ramifications and the scuttlebutt, I knew the physics and the metallurgy. I was a regular Hermione in there.

Also, Schlieffen had no idea what he was doing.

Though uni only furnishes me with two official excuses to go onto campus each week, I’m making an effort to be there – in the library, if nowhere else – more often, and it’s a good thing; I don’t know if I’m doing much more work, but I feel more productive. A couple of friends have resolved to do regular 9-to-5s at the library, which might actually be a good idea…

Part of this is a renewed commitment (christ, what a marketing-scumbag I sound like) to Redbrick; now that they’ve got some people who actually know what they’re doing to rebuild the website, which I’m sure is beyond my abilities, all I need to do is general tech support and fixing it when it goes wrong, which is well inside them – even though they use Macs. Hawk, spit etc. And I like Redbrick, and the warm office filled with friendly journo-hacks; later this term, I’m going to be unofficially doing Micaela’s Online Editor thing, supervising the uploading of WordPress articles on Thursday (ie, the exact same thing as I’m doing for money right now, but with copying and pasting rather than writing.) Talked with one of the uploading folks on Thursday, to find that she’s the sister of one of Olly’s Warwick friends – small world. I have also been spending more time in general chilling with Samuel “King” Lear, including an excellent curry on Thursday afternoon before going together to the Law-for-Non-Law Society… except as it turned out I got the date wrong, and it’s next Thursday. Well done me. Also went to a work experience fair, which was a huge disappointment, being basically nothing but large organisations datamining our e-mail addresses without actually offering anything.

Ought to be getting our essay marks back this Wednesday. Ought to. Group Research is coming to a head; two of our six never show up, when they do show up they say nothing, and when they do say anything it’s useless. One of the two opened today’s proceedings with “I’ll be honest, I haven’t done anything,” which pretty much says it all. I know this is public, and there’s a sliver of a chance that it might make its way back to them, so I won’t say anything here I wouldn’t happily say to their faces. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER GUYS, THIS IS PATHETIC.

Ned came over on the weekend; I made her the Famous Thai Chicken Curry and we saw the closing night of Olly’s Spring Awakening at Warwick, which was… something. I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.

…fun, though.


2 thoughts on “from now on, boy, this iron boat’s your home

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