my friends are rock stars

I have been terribly incommunicado this of late. First uni work peaked, then I spent reading week being ill and writing a novel. (More on that later, when it’s FINISHED.) And this isn’t a return to form, just a copout image post. Enjoy!

So hay guise guess what I bought today

It was originally meant to be called “Traction City Blues”, and possibly also meant not to have a cover/stylings that looked like wet arse, but publishers and graphic designers will do what they will.

Ooh, what do I see here?


mon visage

Though next post will have to be on something unrelated, lest this turn into a Philip Reeve fanblog.

…”turn into”, who am I kidding >_>


5 thoughts on “my friends are rock stars

  1. phlegm_noir says:

    In the world of inventory we all really appreciate people who think bar codes are attractive enough to display prominently on a front cover.

    And a bag of Kettle Chips way the hell over there. Interesting.

    • brosencrantz says:

      It’s a double-sided book; you can flip it over to see another story, and there are barcodes on both sides in order not to show some preference.

      Kettle Chips are pretty damn popular here, having firmly occupied the high end of the crisps market despite attempts by many competitors to dislodge them.

      • phlegm_noir says:

        I guess they do have that factory in Norwich. I kind of know Cameron Healy! But he has never dedicated a flavor of chips to me for lending a hand. Because he is a bloodsucking ingrate, I think is why.

  2. I am so jealous! And also, congratulations….(what do you say when someone gets a book dedicated to them? well, I’m going for congratulations anyway)

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