command what is tried, what is true

The second term of second year disappeared into Easter with barely a ripple.

The Redbrick AGM was a heartbreaker: far too many very good candidates for far too few positions, meaning lots of good people getting disappointed. It also, as a result of all the candidates and their speeches and questions, took forever and a day, and I… somehow ended up helping to take the minutes. (Last online typing speed test I tried gave me 111WPM and perfect accuracy, so maybe this is a good thing to be doing.) Both the new Editor and Online Editor are excellent, and people I know pretty well, so there will hopefully be plenty for me to do in the office next year.

I saw Sucker Punch with Jon H and his housemate Greg (Jony bailed on us; apparently he has a GIRLFRIEND now or something. Pfaugh.) Having seen the trailer and the first five minutes, and knowing who Zack Snyder is, there was no way I could in good conscience pay actual money to see it on my own, but going with friends turns it into a social experience and thus perfectly reasonable (and I had an amusing war-related chat with the proprietor of a fried chicken joint while buying supper along the way.) It was exactly what we were expecting: beautifully overwrought CGI battles featuring young ladies showing a lot of thigh blowing up a lot of lovingly detailed enemies in utter war porn, all tied together by the most wretched and nonsensical incoherent trainwreck of an excuse plot you can imagine. Fun for the eyes. Horrible on the brain.

Bill came round at the weekend, and we ate delicious food and saw Baader Meinhof Komplex and listened to lots of Wir Sind Helden. We Did Cosford at long last (pictures here & here), a field trip that has been planned for ages but always stymied by some illness or circumstance or other. This trip was achieved due, this time, to ignoring the illness/circumstance: true to form, I developed a horrifying and unexplained rash which, for two consecutive days, spread all over my body in fiercely itchy ripples before fading, but disappeared shortly after Bill did. I really hope I’m not becoming allergic to bromance…


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