hey babe, fancy some joint honours?

­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[01:55:32] ­http://sergeydolya.livejournal.com/320457.html those soldiers at the bottom
[01:55:42] ­these must be the most ridiculous soldiers in the world
­underneath the open sky says:
[01:56:27] ­oh my god is this greece
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[01:56:34] ­athens, yes
­underneath the open sky says:
[01:56:37] ­in their NATIONAL DRESS
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[01:56:40] ­ayup
­underneath the open sky says:
[01:56:42] ­with the fucking tights and pompoms
[01:57:15] ­goose-stepping + ceremonial battle miniskirts = very no
[01:57:20] ­M1 Garands, funny choice for a ceremonial weapon
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[01:57:45] ­pleated skirts, tights, silly skullcaps with fucklong tassels, hobnail shoes with big pompoms on the toes
[01:57:47] ­what even
­underneath the open sky says:
[01:58:29] ­can’t help but feel a ceremonial feather duster or bohemian earspoon would be more suited
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[01:58:42] ­I thought those foreign legion sapeurs looked silly with their axes and white gauntlets and orange aprons
­underneath the open sky says:
[01:58:57] ­and their BEARDS
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[01:59:07] ­and crimson epaulettes
­underneath the open sky says:
[01:59:12] ­and silly pillbox hats
[01:59:14] ­and their BEARDS
[02:01:02] ­I dunno, they look silly in still pictures but I bet they’re fuckscary in the real world
[02:01:49] ­large number of giant dudes with beards and axes, you will run no matter how their aprons jar with their neckties
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[02:02:07] ­…oh, I thought you were talking about the greeks
­underneath the open sky says:
[02:02:19] ­the greeks are a lame joke
[02:03:04] ­only way they would scare you is in wondering what the fuck was in your last meal
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[02:04:08] ­http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Proedriki.jpg much variation, all flamingly gay
­underneath the open sky says:
[02:04:31] ­okay these guys make zouaves look classy and military
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[02:04:57] ­oh, that’s a tomb of the unknown soldier they’re goose-stepping in front of
­underneath the open sky says:
[02:05:02] ­what kind of absurd ceremonial parplehorn is the dude on the left sticking through his cummerbund?
[02:05:12] ­do not tell me that’s meant to be a sword
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[02:05:18] ­I expect the unknown soldier would think “no, really guys…just leave me be >_>”
­underneath the open sky says:
[02:05:34] ­his embarrassment known only to god
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[02:06:21] ­the guy on the left is cretan apparently
[02:07:27] ­http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aqio5c7idiQ
­underneath the open sky says:
[02:08:01] ­I’m bedding for real, will watch in the morning, sure it’ll be a nice gay surprise
[02:08:03] ­o/
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[02:08:12] ­they get inspected by a normal-looking VDV-type soldier
[02:08:30] ­who straightens one of their tassels
­underneath the open sky says:
[02:08:35] ­…
[02:08:38] ­good euphemism
[02:08:45] ­does he fluff their pompoms?
­Wild Bill Hovercraft says:
[02:08:57] ­meanwhile the dudes in the background do the ministry of silly walks sketch from monty python
[02:09:01] ­this is utterly surreal


3 thoughts on “hey babe, fancy some joint honours?

  1. air_bizkit says:

    and the worst thing about it?

    Its COMPULSORY for them to do it….


  2. Anonymous says:

    חינוך מיני

    מידע על סקס, מיניות וחינוך מיני ללא פורנוגרפיה

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