scrapheap challenge: battle royale

Have you seen some of the crazy improvised shit that’s going on in Libya? I thought the rocket pods bolted to the backs of pickups for technical Katyushas were pretty operator, but they’ve even scaled that down to man-portable levels – ground-attack rockets in homemade panzerschreck tubes. The little remote-controlled UGV is brilliant, though I’m not sure about the homemade rifle grenade launcher…

Hmm, I have an idea for a reality TV show. “We rounded up the disaffected yoof from deprived inner city districts, turned them loose on a chop shop and a couple of old Cold War arsenals, and are now sending them to battle unspecified foreign enemies… neatly solving both the social problems that led to the riots, and the defence budget cuts of recent years. Every Friday at 8pm.”


2 thoughts on “scrapheap challenge: battle royale

  1. ….almost makes me want to fly out and lend a hand

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