hey, clown, we’re gonna put you in the ground

[22:02:59] Anna: i served nick and louis reynolds in spar today
[22:03:04] Anna: and louis is so loud
[22:03:07] Anna: charming but loud
[22:03:09] Brosencrantz: he is a bit
[22:03:09] Anna: i sat next to him in my seminar on monday
[22:03:17] Anna: and i left deaf in my right ear
[22:03:20] Brosencrantz: I may be responsible for getting him excited though
[22:03:32] Brosencrantz: you know those like flat trolleys for moving big crates around?
[22:03:36] Anna: yes, nick did say he’d just seen you
[22:03:38] Anna: yes
[22:03:54] Brosencrantz: we were using one for moving out the last of toby’s shit
[22:04:17] Brosencrantz: and we had to return it to the history department after
[22:04:19] Brosencrantz: and er
[22:04:27] Brosencrantz: louis got on it and I pushed him around while he pretended to be a tank commander
[22:04:58] Brosencrantz: there are those ramps outside the mason lounge
[22:05:02] Brosencrantz: dr b heard “TO THE RHINE” from his fourth floor office
[22:05:52] Brosencrantz: so um
[22:05:53] Brosencrantz: my fault
[22:06:06] Anna: THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU

[17:14:13] Hovercraft: so russian numbers are mostly pretty logical
[17:15:13] Hovercraft: 23 is “dvadsat’ tree”, where dvadsat’ is like “two-ten” and tree is obviously three
[17:15:16] Hovercraft: so similar to english
[17:15:31] Hovercraft: and all the teens follow the same pattern, including eleven and twelve
[17:15:36] Hovercraft: which are freak numbers in english
[17:15:41] Hovercraft: but then 40 is sorok
[17:15:49] Hovercraft: which doesn’t follow the pattern at all
[17:15:55] Hovercraft: WHY
[17:18:30] Hovercraft: According to the most common version, the word comes from the term “bundle of fur skins” (sables, martens, etc..), Which accounted for the title number, represented the standard unit measures, trade and storage of these skins. Skins wrapped in tissue, “Forty” (a word akin to the word ” shirt “, from the ancient” sorochka “Old Slavic” srachitsa “asshole, asshole) [1] .
[17:18:31] Hovercraft: WHAT THE FUCK


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