Have been filling in job applications. Current mental state: seething whirlpool of morbid, indiscriminate revulsion. Suggestions for catharsis welcome, before I take advantage of this FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY to EXPLORE the VIBRANT, CHALLENGING world of serial murder.

Also the next time I encounter someone who seriously, unironically uses the word “vibrant” to refer to anything connected to grey-suited office grind, I’m going to cut off their skin and turn it into muppets while whistling peppy show tunes. I have hopes that this sort of career is interesting and cool, but it’s not some iridescent rainforest butterfly among jobs.

Notification mail from uni that my mailbox is almost full. Mailbox resolutely refuses to actually load. If my rage were hydrogen it would birth a constellation of hate-stars spelling out a cosmic FUCK EVERYTHING against an infinite nebula of loathing.


4 thoughts on “peeved

  1. ant_forster says:

    “some iridescent rainforest butterfly among jobs.”
    That’s the kind of career I want. Exactly that. I almost want to make it part of my cover letter.

    Also, your galaxy metaphor made me giggle. You have a way with words.

    • brosencrantz says:

      Yeah, well… keep chasing that fuckin’ rainbow I guess. How’s life, anyway? Feels like it’s been an age.

      • ant_forster says:

        Life is treating me well! I’m doing my MSc at Bristol (researching nest choice in ants- currently at the stage where I can start analysing my data).

        I have no idea where I’ll be next year because I’ve just started applying for PhDs- but one foreseeable possibility is to continue working with the same supervisor (ie stay in Bristol for three years), but conduct three months of research annually in Panama! I think I’m closing in on my dream career (ant research in the rainforest). Chasing the rainbow, as you put it. Feels good man.

        Yourself? I mean, I gather from FB/LJ that job application is destroying you mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually- but how are you other than that?

      • brosencrantz says:

        ANTS! Lemme read your MSc thesis when you’re done, it sounds right up my street :D And that Bristol-Panama gig sounds like a goddamn dream come true. Good luck with that, I mean it.

        Myself… short-term pretty bleh, long-term fairly hopeful. Yeah, applications are no fun.

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