“So, what is the role of the historian? What’s history for?”
“…if you believe I’ve got the answer to that, I’ve got some real estate to sell you on Glen Ross Farms.”

“‘Historian’ is not a protected term. Anyone can call themselves a historian. It’s not like being a nutritionist.”

“Diseases and general Aztec flaws; deft political manouevring among the various Aztec factions, and a small, highly competent and highly ambitious bunch of heavily armed Spaniards.”
“And there was whatsherface – Diaz’s mistress. No, Cortez’s. She had political leverage.”
“Eh. If she wasn’t there they would have found another translator. She’s overplayed, it doesn’t matter that Cortez was banging her.”
“Nonsense! Gives more leverage, makes them much more loyal. Well, unless he was shit in bed.”
“…you’re saying that the entire fall of the Aztec empire came down to how good Cortez was with his cock.” 

“He’s much better at speech and mannerisms. Less of this arch heraldry stuff. Gets across how people actually talked.”
“If Froissart were an oral historian, he would have done the voices.”


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