and you’re setting them up, and I’m knocking them down

So posting has been thin on the ground of late; I tend to blog about interest, and as university has gradually become more routine in the long inevitable slump towards graduation there’s just generally less to say; going through the motions, ticking off the days. The only things of serious interest to me have been law and dissertation, neither of which I can really post about in detail. Writing about my experiences with law firms, in the age of HR staff with Google, is a balancing-act-over-a-minefield of candour vs employability, and the minor revelations so rarely seem worth the effort.

And diss – when I kicked off, I had a plan to chronicle the entire research process (hell, I even had a tag in mind – “disserting genuously”). But between the outside-of-uni small-arms-expert brofessor who’s helped with research requesting general discretion, and my tutor straight up telling me “don’t blog about this” (yeah, I’m pretty notorious in the history department these days) I’ve rather failed on that count.

But the thing is is finished now, after an all-week sleep-loathing burn of tea and adrenaline and months upon months of prep. It’s very much been affected by its design process, has cut back hugely on the gun-fetishing pseuodacademia and technical language, bulked out hugely on the generic info-dumping history, and goes a little outside my comfort zone on the theoretical front; overall, it’s absolutely not the dissertation I would have written for Rob. I don’t think any of these are good things or bad things, just things. (OK, on reflection I guess the gunwank thing is probably objectively good.) It is not perfect – these things are never perfect! – but it’s a fair reflection of my ability, and that’s good enough for me.

Everything’s gone a bit quiet, but I think that’ll change soon.


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