never let them know you’re scared

>Implying Demsale: why did no one tell me about hark a vagrant before
Brosencrantz: what? I thought you knew D:
>Implying Demsale: NO ONE TOLD ME
Brosencrantz: jesus christ
Brosencrantz: ok
Brosencrantz: tell me everything else you don’t know about and should
Brosencrantz: so I can tell you
>Implying Demsale: i uh
>Implying Demsale: hmm
>Implying Demsale: tell me about history
>Implying Demsale: all of it
Brosencrantz: oh god, must I?
Brosencrantz: it’s kind of a long story
>Implying Demsale: you’re a good story teller
Brosencrantz: ok.
Brosencrantz: in the beginning there were people.
Brosencrantz: and they were exactly like people today, but without education or language or technology or the insane degree of cumulative knowledge and built-up civilisation that we can rely on today, and they felt all the same hungers and losses and insecurities and pride as us, before they had names for any of them.
>Implying Demsale: or hygiene
Brosencrantz: you’d be surprised.
Brosencrantz: people started off like animals, hunting other animals and fucking their shit up, and living day to day and hand to mouth, and they seldom made war because they didn’t have anything to fight over except pride. then some of them eventually had the bright idea of growing things that came out of the ground, and settling in one place, and shaping the world around them to facilitate that, and building shelters.
Brosencrantz: then there were towns and cities, and then there were hierarchies and faiths and cultures and organisations, and then there was war, because when people have the spare time to think of something other than their next meal they want to dominate and take.
Brosencrantz: and more or less ever since we have had an interplay of different collective groups trying to take the land and resources that will let them thrive, and impose their will on others, and achieve glory to satisfy the endless, hopeless, lonely lust for recognition that lies at the hearts of men.
Brosencrantz: the systems involved have gradually got more complicated and self-referential than that but that’s basically it.
Brosencrantz: any questions?
>Implying Demsale: will there be a quiz?
Brosencrantz: there will be no quiz, simply the knowledge that our lives and our stories are too mean and insignificant to stand out from the greater turmoil of human pain and that nobody will know our names a decade after we die.
Brosencrantz: cling to your loved ones and be afraid.
>Implying Demsale: D:
>Implying Demsale: i wish i hadn’t asked
Brosencrantz: just fyi this is what I’m planning on telling my kids when they ask me about the world.
>Implying Demsale: i hope your kids are sturdy


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