[20:13:21] Demsale: OH HEY
[20:13:23] Demsale: TRIBES IS ON STEAM
[20:13:39] Hovercraft: it sure is
[20:14:09] Hovercraft: tribes: ass end
[20:14:23] Brosencrantz: INTEREST PIQUED
[20:14:58] Hovercraft: sadly I’m just being incredibly witty
[20:15:04] Hovercraft: the game doesn’t feature shapely rumps
[20:15:14] Hovercraft: …or does it?
[20:15:14] Brosencrantz: INTEREST FLACCID
[20:15:15] Hovercraft: james?
[20:15:27] Demsale: with some imagination i’m sure you could find some
[20:18:27] Hovercraft: this should keep you going jez http://i959.photobucket.com/albums/ae76/stew360/VANUPROPAGANDA2.png
[20:19:04] Hovercraft: note how it crosses over with your love of cartoons for little girls
[20:19:05] Brosencrantz: seen it
[20:19:18] Brosencrantz: that image predates the new MLP series
[20:19:21] Brosencrantz: there’s a whole set
[20:19:33] Hovercraft: is this what MLP is based on then?
[20:20:37] Brosencrantz: obviously
[20:21:22] Hovercraft: a cartoon designed to instil in little girls the value of friendship and a healthy interest in hunks
[20:21:23] Hovercraft: and their rumps
[20:21:32] Brosencrantz: I WATCH IT FOR THE PLOT


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