[16:59:51] Hovercraft: ya
[16:59:55] Brosencrantz: don’t say “ya”
[17:00:03] Hovercraft: иа
[17:00:08] Brosencrantz: acceptable
[17:00:20] Hovercraft: no wait
[17:00:23] Hovercraft: я
[17:00:25] Brosencrantz: wouldn’t it just be я
[17:00:36] Brosencrantz: yes

[22:49:11] LaughingCavalier: yah
[22:49:16] LaughingCavalier: would be sweet, but I’m not a designer
[22:49:18] Hovercraft: coo’
[22:49:18] Brosencrantz: god you’re doing it too
[22:49:30] Hovercraft: гап я
[22:49:36] Brosencrantz: JUST SAY YES OR я YOU FUCKER
[22:50:06] Brosencrantz: oh god bill
[22:50:06] Brosencrantz: dammit
[22:51:05] Hovercraft: :з


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